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Test Code FELAC Lactoferrin, Fecal



Performing Laboratory

Mary Washington Healthcare-Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine-Microbiology

Specimen Requirements

Specimen source is required on request form for processing.


Acceptable Specimens:
Colostomy, duodenal, or ileostomy contents; stool; or rectal swab with sufficient quantity. Rectal swabs accepted but not preferred.

Submit only 1 of the following specimens:

Colostomy, Duodenal, Ileostomy Contents, or Stool

1. Collect 1 g or a walnut size portion of stool in a clean, leak-proof container.

2. Label container with patient’s name (first and last), Social Security number or date of birth (inpatients:  medical record number), date and time of collection, collector’s initials, and type of specimen.  

3. Forward promptly to Laboratory for testing. 


Rectal Swab

1. Collect specimen using Culturette® swab.

2. Return swab to tube to ensure specimen preservation.

3. Quantity must be sufficient for testing.


Test NOT performed on breast fed infants. Laboratory will reflex testing to direct examination.

Reference Values

See report.

Day(s) Test Set Up

Monday through Sunday